As the economy of Thailand continues to grow, its maritime trade and its percentage share in the world market is growing at a rapid pace. This unprecedented growth triggered a demand for strategic port capacity to sustain trade at lower costs in the most effective and efficient manner, thus increasing Thailand's share in international markets.

To serve this growth, Dearborn International is now moving forward as a leader in the industry by building our own private terminal. Piyasiriwanit Terminal will be located at the South of Chao Phraya River. This terminal will serve the whole Phra Pra Daeng and neighboring districts including Thung Khru, Rat Burana, Yan Nawa, Khlong Toei, and Bang Na, etc.

Dearborn International Port will be modernized by being operated via computer system and experienced staffs. Our long-term plan is to become an acceptable and trusted organization by valuable customers, and also to become the number one private terminal around Chao Phraya River.

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